Uncharted Territory

Joel Zivot, MD, MA, JM, offers thought-provoking insights at the intersection of medicine, law, and bioethics.

Uncharted Territory
Pharma and Physicians: The Anthropology of Gift Giving

Personal relationships create the most powerful obligation to reciprocate

April 18, 2023
A photo of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas
Uncharted Territory
Abortion Is Not Murder in the Eyes of the Law

The legal problem with the South Carolina Prenatal Equal Protection Act

March 27, 2023
A photo of a pregnant woman driving.
Uncharted Territory
Would You Refuse All Medical Interventions After Age 75?

A closer look at the mathematics of aging

March 7, 2023
A photo of Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel
Uncharted Territory
Blurred Lines: When Do Physicians Become a Party to Permissive Injury?

We should act in the best interest of athletes' health

January 13, 2023
A photo of Buffalo Bills players surrounding their teammate Damar Hamlin as he is loaded into an ambulance on the field.
Uncharted Territory
Does Russia's Invasion of Ukraine Constitute Biological Warfare?

Invading in the midst of a pandemic surely begs this discussion

March 7, 2022
Ukrainian troops help civilians cross the shelled bridge connecting the town of Irpin and Kiev in Ukraine.
Uncharted Territory
What the Titanic Got Wrong About Triage

In the COVID ICU, a life should be a life

February 5, 2022
A scene from the movie Titanic when the lifeboats are being lowered into the water.
Uncharted Territory
Why Is Dr. Oz Eyeing Washington?

The story of physician burnout may be at play

December 6, 2021
A photo of Mehmet Oz, MD
Uncharted Territory
The Legal Stakes of a Lab Leak

China could be on the hook for a trillion dollars, but the U.S. isn't blameless

June 13, 2021
Workers in positive pressure suits work in a Biosafety level 4 lab
Uncharted Territory
Op-Ed: Canada's Medical Assistance in Dying = Torturous Death

It may look peaceful, but closer examination may tell different story

February 16, 2021
The Canadian flag over a photo syringe drawing from a vial
Uncharted Territory
How Many Might Die Even With a COVID Vaccine?

Some grim back-of-the-envelope math

November 30, 2020
A photo of a nuclear weapon test by the U.S. military at Bikini Atoll, Micronesia, on 25 July 1946
Uncharted Territory
Doctors Volunteer for COVID-19 Duty: Who Has Their Backs?

"If we are biologically programmed for self-sacrifice, safeguards must be put in place"

March 3, 2020
A doctor in protective clothing holds his gloved hand up towards the camera
Uncharted Territory
Could U.S. ICUs Handle 45,000-Bed Coronavirus Load?

Here's what a pandemic could look like

February 12, 2020
An illustration of a group of people confined withing a barricade surrounded by people in hazmat suits
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